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"APXIV" Moscow Art Group in Copenhagen

May 3, 2019

"Calculation" team invited "APXIV" and now they are a part of Copenhagen Art Week!

This is a great news for us and we are in a hurry to share the program of events and to introduce "APXIV"! 


APXIV (archive) is an independent self-organization of artists founded in January 2017 and located on the territory of the NIIDAR
(Scientific and Research Institute for Long-Distance Radio Communications) in the premises of the former archive.

APXIV was founded to create its own and collaborating with other art environments. In their works, the artists of APXIV focus on the artistic process and try to get away from the standard approach to exhibition practices. For example, all exhibitions are held in the format
of a one-day event, and the exhibitions often take the form of a single statement.


APXIV artists:

Anastasia Soboleva

Anna Kobzeva

Gosha Golitsyn

Danya Orlovsky

Katya Granova

Lika Gomiashvili

Maria Cheloyants

Nikita Kayem

Olga Klimovitskaya

Ruslan Polanin

Sofya Ovchinnikova

Vladimir Savostin

Ya Nzi



                                                                                                        Copenhagen PROGRAMME:






“Distributed Bar System”

23/5 19.00-21.00, Art Week 2019 Opening Party, Copenhagen Contemporary

In this project APXIV will focus on the party as an inevitable component of the exhibition opening. Party provides possibilities for social unification, free communication and socialization in general. APXIV will transform the event bar into the total-installation and the territory of the happening. Overall there will be distributing trolley-bar system.
Link to the event




"Party Museum"

24/5, 17.00-23.00, Salon 75 

Party is an important cultural component of our life. The roots of the party go back into the deep fore time and to ancient ritual practices. Despite the secularisation of the modern world the party still retains the symbolism of actions and in party’s ceremonial realises the mutual exchange of symbolic and cultural capital. To uncover this topic APXIV conducts their investigation and presents it at the Party Museum.
Link to the event.






"Wedding Processing" (Kinetic Performance)

26/5, 20.00-22.00, Salon 75

Project involves the abstract modelling of the reality as a fundamentally unresolved process. The attraction of subjects is supposed to work as a pulsating structure. The combination of traditional ritual and technology enables the event to include kinetic interaction with the noise and video art. Analysing data of reality enables technology to go into the human mind.
Link to the event





25/5 , 15.00-21.00, 7C Space

The exhibition of art made out from the items (various objects and ideas) brought by the audience (according to the preliminary open-call). APXIV encouraged viewers to bring their unwanted objects to the gallery so this objects will become a part of an artistic project. This exhibition will be changing day by day being part of a collective artistic process.

Link to the event




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