Paideia Artists meeting in Saint-Petersburg

August 17, 2017

Active preparations for collaboration with Danish artists. 


The Paideia project is a hybrid educational platform that brings together practitioners
and theorists of contemporary art.
The purpose of education in the school - disclosure of creative potential of students
and formation of their author's aesthetics, necessary for the creation of their own works,
and for the perception and understanding of phenomena and processes of modern culture.
Contemporary artists are increasingly drawn to the theory, philosophical and aesthetic
concepts, which are used to interpret their own creativity. Theory, discourse is increasingly
in demand. Often, however, the appeal of the artist to the genre of commentary, ends up
in failure and confusion of meanings.
In the absence of art in the state educational institutions of courses and programs aimed
at formation of analytical and critical abilities, the artist must separate the acquisition
of General theoretical and reflective competence. At the same time, this process should be
properly relate and interact with direct artistic practices.
By alternating theoretical lessons and practical workshops, the school gives students
the opportunity to more deeply understand the meaning of the artistic act and the author's
strategy from the point of view of aesthetics, ethics, and philosophy of judgement. The next
stage is the holistic development of the languages of contemporary art practices, using
a synthesis of concepts and explanatory schemes of psychoanalysis, Marxism, poststructuralism,
For the formation of the author's aesthetics of the contemporary artist, curator and viewer
become the necessary understanding and ability to evaluate issues of contemporary art,
the internal rhetoric of an auto-commentary and judgments-interpretation.




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