Calculation finissage

June 22, 2016

23th of June, Thursday, was the closure and finissage of the Calculation Exhibition at Kurgan Regional Art Museum, and the ability to show the performative works of the Danish artist Line Sandvad Mengers (The Answer (or I FELT BAD ABOUT KEEPING THE ANSWER TO MYSELF) and Dutch artist Nadia Voorham (This Watermotor makes No Sense unless I'm doing it with you). Kurgan was happy to explore the artistic works and conveys gratitude to the artists of Calculation! 

In closing, we wore dresses and national hats from Kyrgyzstan, in support of Kyrgyzstan women, which were not visible in all of our meetings with Kyrgyzstan artists in Bishkek.

We would like to thank Kurgan Regional Art  Museum for their cooperation and assistance, as well as Central Mayakovsky’s Library. We have successfully opened a call for applications for Kurgan authors, artists, and poets. Huge thanks to Valery Alekseev, cinema expert from Kurgan State University, who join to Calculation with the Danish film festival "From Dreyer toTrier” and all people, who helped us and visited the exhibition.

Our team is pleased to announce the first found in Kurgan - the contemporary artist Anna Komarova, whose works we hope to show in future exhibitions.

Big thank you Kurgan and artists! Hope to see you again!


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