Opening of MOTHERWASHED installation

June 13, 2016


Today was also the bright opening of the installation of the project Motherwashed - against gender violence. 


Our project “Mama washed the window”*//Visible and invisible Violence dedicated to the subject of gender discrimination, research into the causes of social interpersonal dominance and against absurd social norms and unspoken rules contrary to the human right to private life and freedom of choice.


Human cruelty becomes noticeable not only by direct physical action and visible signs of violence, but in everyday life, when the impact is not so obvious and most often applauded generally accepted standards of conduct or conditioned due to the economic principles. In many cases, the person remains all alone without support or possibility of dialogue.


The project is based on intersecting activation of contacts between Denmark and Russia like a process of social art with the subsequent creation of installation about human interaction and reaction to injustice.


*Mama washed the window frame//Мама мыла раму//[Mɑ:mɑ: mylɑ: rɑ:mu:] is a phonetic template of Russian speech of primer, still used in teaching children to read in syllables, containing stereotypical and outdated views on the distribution of gender roles in the family.

The project will last for 16 days - from 25th of November to 10th of December 2015 - as an official part of “The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign”


The opening also showed a screening of "the art asylum", video work by Leonya Tsoy. 



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